Endowment Fund

PPC Endowment Fund

PPC Endowment Program

Our Endowment Program is established to assure Providence Presbyterian Church will continue to provide worship, ministry, and outreach opportunities in the name of Jesus Christ.

Those who came before us provided a meaningful heritage of religious experiences and place. The church that serves us today is a tribute to their vision, faith and sacrifice. The Endowment Program carries forward and honors the vision and faith of those who have provided for us.

For more information on making a gift to the Endowment, please contact Kathy Dannels, kathydannels@gmail.com.

Endowment Fund Vision Statement

Providence Presbyterian Church has a long and rich history of faith, worship and witness. Our name Providence, “symbol of God’s protecting care”, inspires us to care and serve our congregation and community. Throughout our history, ministries have adapted to continue our Christian worship and ministries.  Our Endowment Fund will assure Providence Presbyterian Church can continue to provide worship and mission opportunities in the name of Jesus Christ. Future generations will have our gifts and God’s guidance to carry on meaningful worship and mission in a changing world. Be the Future!

Legacy Society

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society allows Providence Presbyterian Church to recognize and thank those who have planned to include PPC in their estate plans.  Gifts to the PPC Endowment Program will help PPC to continue energizing our mission and ministries into the future. 

The Legacy Society will publicize names so in thanking you, we may share our joy and inspire others to consider making a gift.  You may choose to remain anonymous, known only to the Financial Administrator at Providence, who should be notified when the plans for your gift are completed.

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Endowment Fund Gift Options

There are many options for making a lasting gift to Providence Presbyterian Church.


Cash gifts may be appropriate when you or your family realize an unexpected windfall or bonus, or to commemorate or honor a special event or person.


Transferring appreciated stock allows the church to benefit immediately from your investments and may provide immediate tax benefits.


Your attorney can advise you on various ways to provide for the church in your will.  If you already have a will, you can provide for Providence by asking your attorney to add a codicil.


Naming Providence as a beneficiary is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy.

Always consult with your financial advisor or attorney about the tax and estate implications for you and your family of any gift you are considering. 


Providence Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund Gift Acceptance Policies and Fund Usage

Endowment Fund Management

Gift Acceptance Policy:


The PPC Endowment fund will accept cash and liquid assets that are readily convertible to cash. If the Fund receives an asset such as a stock fund, certificate of deposit, bond fund, or a similar liquid asset, the Endowment Committee will decide whether to hold the asset in the form as it was contributed or liquidate the asset and invest the cash elsewhere.


The objective of the Church is to have one Endowment Fund with income and realized gains from the Fund used as described later in this Policy. Endowment Fund marketing materials will stress that when members make plans to contribute to the Endowment Fund, they should be encouraged not to specify a particular use other than PPC Endowment Fund.


At the discretion of the Endowment Committee, large donations to the Endowment Fund marked for a specific purpose may be maintained as a second, specific purpose Endowment Fund. Special purpose endowment gifts must be a minimum of $50,000 to establish a new special purpose Endowment Fund. Gifts less than $50,000 for which a special purpose Endowment Fund has not been established will be moved to the main Endowment Fund.


Endowment Fund gifts such as real estate, automobiles, or other tangible assets will only be accepted if the Endowment Committee provides prior approval.

Endowment Fund Usage:


The corpus of the PPC Endowment Fund will be a permanent bedrock of enduring support for the church’s worship, ministries, and outreach. Only income and realized capital gains generated from the corpus can be used for church purposes. The corpus may not be disbursed without the prior approval of Session. Session may only grant this approval if 1) there are extraordinary circumstances facing the church, 2) the donor approves the change of use of their contribution, and 3) the action does not violate any law.


The Endowment Committee will recommend to Session how Endowment Fund income and realized capital gains will be used. These uses may include worship, ministries, outreach, church operations, or programs similarly providing for the nurture of the congregation.

Endowment Fund Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Providence Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund provides income to the church in perpetuity. The PPC program is established to assure the church will continue to provide worship, ministry, and outreach opportunities in the name of Jesus Christ.