The Deacons' Fund

The Deacon's Fund


The Deacons' Fund

The Deacons’ Fund is a critical component of the Outreach Ministry at Providence. It is intended to help members of our community and church family as a last resort when the family or individual has explored all other possible sources of help. It is a one-time help during a time of crisis to the truly needy.

Typical examples of such a need are helping supplement a person’s shortfall on rent to escape eviction, supplementing a person’s electric or heating costs to prevent cutoff, and providing emergency food or other necessities.

  • Various social service agencies in our community screen and refer candidates for consideration.
  • The Deacons’ Fund also supports the SACOH Lifeline Fund for urgent, emergency assistance to our previous guests who are clearly progressing towards independence.

Your generosity is the source of funds for this important ministry. Your support can come in designated individual donations, memorial remembrances, envelopes in Sunday offerings earmarked for the Deacons’ Fund, and special offerings during the year.